Precise-Sync technology is state of the art machine learning and automation to communicate with plunger controllers and EFMs. The system is customizable to meet the most demanding needs.

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Precise-Sync Setup & Function

number 1The EFM injection flow rate is tied into the Precision Compression control panel.


number 2The Precision Compression pressure transducer monitors the casing pressure.


number 3The electronic actuator is installed on the Kimray suction control valve.


number 4The high/low injection rate parameters are set in the Precision Compression control panel.

number 5The unit will lower/raise the injection rate to offset higher/lower casing pressure by:
  a. raising or lowering engine RPM
  b. raising/lowering suction pressure


number 6The machine will learn the ideal injection rate based on casing pressure.


number 7The machine monitors the flow rate and casing pressure every two minutes, if necessary.